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Thursday, October 04, 2007

happy october

I love fall. I love October. I love Halloween. My house is already decorated for the holiday and my costume has been bought since August. Daily I peruse the web for spooky things: things to do, stories, etc. I've already picked out some things I want to do. Of course, probably not this year but some Halloween:

Beaufort Ghost Walk

Doomtown @ Rawhide


This is where I need kids! Good thing I have friends to borrow them from. :)

There is just something about Halloween that I love. I remember trick or treating growing up with coats on over our costumes. I remember scaring myself silly reading "scary books" and ghost stories. I loved how the trees shed their leaves leaving a skeleton of its former self to sway in cool breeze. I loved how everything seemed cozier.

Of course, now that I live in the desert, the trees don't lose their leaves, there is no such thing as a "cool breeze" in October and it's hard to feel cozy in a one bedroom apartment in the city. But I try.


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