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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Of Books

Thanks to Amazon's wonderful "gift-tracking" process, when I clicked on this item in on my wish list, it alerted me that the item had been purchased (by my mother for my Christmas gift). Lovely. Thanks, Amazon. Frustration aside, I adore the Paddywax Library collection. Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite scent...and isn't the packaging clever?

A year ago, Anthropologie introduced me to the Penguin Classics cloth bound collection. Slowly but surely I've been collecting these gems.
And once again they've suckered me in. The Penguin Classics for children. As if I could resist purchasing these for my future children. I simply do not have that much self-control. Maybe I should work on that in the new year.
But at least my as-of-yet-unborn children will be well-read.


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