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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I admit it, I've been a glutton these last few months. After a year and a half of working out and eating right, I've slipped right back into my "fat-girl" pattern. Fast food, simple cards, over-indulgence and sitting on by posterior. Today was a pretty sad wake-up call for me. I was running late for work and decided to just wear my "fat clothes" since there were the only ones ironed. Reality check. The fat clothes FIT, dang it. Not the fat, FAT clothes mind you, but fat clothes just the same.

What happened??!?! I KNOW how to lose weight the smart way. I know all the intricacies of diet and nutrition (okay, not ALL of them, but enought to have lost 70 pounds). So what the heck is my problem? What excuses do I use? Probably the same I do for everything else. But not anymore. As of this moment, I'm rededicating myself to eating right and exercising. To working off the rest of this horrendous ghetto booty.

So, tonight, I'm hitting Walmart for a body bar, the grocery store for healthy food and packing my gym bag for tomorrow night. Easier typed than done, huh?


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