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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

{wish list}

* iTunes gift card
* Spa Girls Collection by Kristin Billerbeck
* Charmed Season 2 & Season 3
* Sephora gift card
* Tooled Western Stars
* Large chili pepper wreath
* Grapvine/twig rocking chair


Blogger EKO said...

Hey there Lindsy, I can't comment on this post because I don't know what a Wish-list is [I'll have to check sometime], I just wanna say your post {256 days} really touched me, I don't know who it was and well I don't know the full story but know that I understand your questions perfectly.... I won't elaborate on exactly how and why.... You're welcome to E-mail me anytime if you wanna talk, I'm from Israel BTW :)

This is my first day [First hour even] at Blogger and you're the first blogger I've commented to =]

Well, I won't go on and on in the comment section [God knows I'm capable of doin' that], anyhow, if you want to continue talking my E-mail is a click away....

Hope ya feel better and that you'll get the things from your wish-list :)


11:49 AM


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