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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

random ramblings

  • I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Am I a total geek for being excited to travel with my new luggage? The luggage set that isn't quite complete since I'm still waiting on the last (and biggest) piece.
  • My Verizon USB modem is a pain the butt. Not only did it take two weeks to get to me (via FedEx, nonetheless) but now it won't work and I have to take it into a store to exchange it. I swear, one more strike and Verizon is out and I'm moving on.
  • The new holiday ornaments from Anthropologie are so dang cute. I'm loving the ice skaters.
  • In addition to working, I'm wrapping up an essay for one class, a thesis for another while trying to both clean my house and clean OUT my house for our garage sale on Dec. 1. Add to that I have three DVDs from my Blockbuster que that I've had for two weeks and a stack of books I want to read this holiday season. Why, oh why, do I take on so many projects at once?


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