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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


  • Sometimes I say things I know I shouldn't. I just don't think. It's 'open mouth-insert foot.' I haven't yet figured out why I do this.
  • I am addicted to Better As A Memory by Kenny Chesney off his Poets & Pirates: Just Who I Am cd. I cannot get enough of this song.
  • Going through a nesting phase. I desperately want a house and a husband. Maybe even a few kids...eventually. I want a real Christmas tree instead of the little artificial one I have simply because it fits in my apartment. I want a fire pit in my backyard.
  • Wanting to be 17 again. Okay, not really, maybe just in theory.
  • Upset that I paid $25 for a manicure only to have it completely trashed within 24 hours.
  • Contemplating how much my life is going to change this spring. Life as I know is going to be entirely altered.
  • Loving Yankee Candles' Balsam and Cedar scent diffuser...it's made my apartment smell like Christmas.
  • Excited about riding the Polar Express this weekend with the Gore family.
  • Realizing that, now school's out for the semester, I have tons of time on my hands. What in the world did I do with all that time before I went back to school?


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