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Friday, February 29, 2008

All Over The Place

Consider this fair warning: This post is going to be all other the place. There are so many thoughts rumbling around in my mind that I have to share them before I burst.

* Wednesday night, Erin and I went to see Reflections of Christ at the Mesa Temple Visitor's Center. It was amazing; words cannot begin to describe it. First, we viewed a short documentary about the process of the photos and then viewed the gallery of shots. The spirit there was incredible. I can't begin to express how those photographs made me feel. Over my life I've seen hundreds (literally) of paintings and drawings depicting Christ, but I don't recall ever having seen a photograph of a man as the Savior. The pictures made Him so real. If you have opportunity, you must go see this exhibit. I can only hope they will make a book or, even better, prints, of this project available in the future.

* I've been thinking quite a bit about the weekend Erin and I spent in Newport Beach almost 2 1/2 years ago. We went the weekend before my birthday mainly to tour the NB temple before it was dedicated. That trip will stand out as one of the best times in my life. Not because it was so spectacular, but because it was just me and my best friend being "us." We talked about so many different things, even some pretty serious ones, and it was amazing. Erin has always known just what I've needed and that weekend was no exception.

The other reason that weekend was so special was because we toured the temple. What an amazing spiritual experience. Even before it was dedicated there was peace that permeated that space. It was one of the richest spiritual moments of my life. When we toured the sealing room, I vowed that I would never marry anyplace else. And I haven't. :)

Shortly before Christmas, I was a Deseret Book and saw an amazing picture of the Mesa Temple that was distressed and very antique-y looking. Recently I went on line to find that print and I ended up finding the artist's website and, lo and behold, saw this:

Of course, it's now on my ultimate wish list.

* Speaking of wish lists, I've added a couple of items from Pottery Barn:

I envision my future home having a room I can dedicate solely to art and books. Well, crafts and books would be more appropriate. I can easily see my handmade cards displayed on the photo carousel.

* Everything seems to be changing in my life right now. People are getting married and having babies and moving and coming home. People are graduating and leaving me, others are simply moving on with their lives. Everything is positive, but it makes me anxious. I'm not a big fan of change and excitement. Yes, I love to have a good time and have things to look forward to, but I also like having roots. For the most part I like knowing what the future will hold. But right now I don't know. I only know that whatever happens I can handle, just as I've handled all the other changes in my life. And, no matter what, I know that I am loved and that gives me an immense sense of security.


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