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Friday, December 05, 2008

Welcome to Morganville

I've discovered another little gem of YA vampire fiction: The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. I found the first book, Glass Houses, while surfing Amazon and immediately requested it from the library. I picked the book up the day before Thanksgiving and had it finished by the time I landed in Vegas. Great, quick read. I like that the author isn't afraid of putting her characters through hell. And it's not always a happy ending; another plus in my book. Yes, it's YA fiction. Yes, the main character is 16. But she's brilliant, in her first semester of college, and extremely likable.

Two items of caution:
1) Save yourself the wait and order all four books at one time from Amazon, buy them from your bookstore or check them out of the library...TOGETHER. Trust me, you'll thank me because...
2) The books are incredibly addicting and hard to put down. Yes, they are a quick, easy read. But if you are supposed to be doing other things, like, perhaps, studying for a social psychology final, writing a 10 page essay on Native Americans or working out, these books aren't such a good thing.


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