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Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December

I can hardly believe it's already December 1st. Man, where does the time go?

A brief recap of my Thanksgiving weekend:
  • Flying was amazing easy this year, probably due the economy. It was still busy, but not as bad as I've seen it.
  • There is something about the pilot announcing "Flight attendants take your seats immediately" 15 minutes after take-off that lets you know it's going to be a bumpy ride.
  • Twilight is just as bad the second time, but now my mother wants "Alice hair." We even printed out a picture of Alice for her to take to her stylist.
  • I did very little to help on Thanksgiving. I feel bad about it now.
  • I went shopping at 5:30AM on Black Friday.
  • Flying with food poisoning is NOT fun.
  • I was a horrible, awful witch all weekend. I have no idea why, I just was. Sorry mom and dad.

But, today is the beginning of a new month and I am bound and determined to be a little kinder this holiday season. And maybe, just maybe, I'll receive the Christmas miracle I dream about.


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