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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Stuff

I've given up using song titles and post titles. For now. It's just too much for my infection-riddled mind to come up with a song that matches.
  • When I got home yesterday, DHL had left my JBL Spyro speaker system on my front step. Not smart when I live in an apartment. I mean, really. The resident office is just across the way- leave it there! That frustration aside, the speakers ROCK! I was blown away that such amazing sound could come from such a tiny little system. I'm sure my neighbors were loving me playing Sweet Child of Mine at top volume at 9:30PM. I love paybacks...he, he.

  • I broke down and went to the doctor last night. I have a slight sinus infection, an upper respiratory infection and small inner-ear infection. Fantastic. To add to that comfort and joy, the antibiotics the doctor prescribed are making me nauseous. And I found out I have a heart murmur, too. No biggie.

  • ASU is offering a free shuttle from campus (right outside my office) to the airport next week for Thanksgiving Break. Niiiiice.

  • I burned out my second hair dryer in three months this morning.

  • Twilight comes out Friday and I'll be seeing it on Saturday. And exploring the new TWO STORY Barnes & Noble at San Tan Village.


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