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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Come To My Window

Note: I am experimenting with using song titles as my post titles. We'll see how it goes.

I love my apartment. I loved it when I moved in and I love it still. It's very nice (the sign out front says "luxury apartments") and doesn't feel apartment-y at all. I especially love living on the ground floor and not having to climb stairs. The only draw back has always been that my bedroom window is exposed to the sidewalk and greenbelt. No big deal. I leave my window open a crack at night and set my alarm. No worries.

That is, there were no worries until a massive monsoon took down the big tree outside my bedroom window. I was sad...there was light from the yard lights coming in my window. And I felt exposed even though I have blinds and curtains. Then, a massive weed-bush grew around the stump of the fallen tree and I felt a bit better.

However, the yard maintenance guys, deciding to do their job for once, cut down this bush over the weekend. And now there is nothing between the sidewalk and my bedroom window. I give you this background so you'll understand where I am coming from with this next part.

A very good friend from high school is in town (Hi Nik!) and we met for dinner last night. We got wrapped up in good conversation and I didn't get home until 12:30. I climbed into bed, exhausted, and was just falling asleep when I was awoke by a noise.

No, I didn't spring from my bed. I sat up in bed and called out, "Jake?" I don't know anyone named Jake. Why I called this name I don't know. But, no one answered. I sat still listening and then it occur ed to me what I was hearing. There was someone walking around in the rock right outside my bedroom window.

I freaked.

I grabbed my pocketknife off the bedside table and bolted for my bedroom door. I recently disconnected my home phone and both my cell and Blackberry were in my purse. In the living room. Great.

Once I was in the living room, I decided to peak out the patio door and see if I could see who was out there. I looked out the blinds but couldn't see anyone. I turned on the outdoor light but couldn't see anyone. Yet I knew someone had been right outside my bedroom window.

And that freaks me out.


Blogger Nikki said...

What the...? I would have totally freaked out too! You are much more brave than I!! You could have come back over and had a sleep-over! Last night was fun and I needed it and I really appreciate you!

8:50 AM


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