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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


From now until October 31st, I am going to try to make all postings Halloween-related (and not about how difficult work is and how rough my classes are and how I bought Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred but haven't done it once). It's going to be a challenge for me (can you sense the sarcasm) but I'll try.

Here we go.

I linked to this photographer's website via another blog (and of course I can't remember which blog...that's the beauty of cyber-webs) and fell in love with his Abandoned series. I have a thing for old, abandoned homes. I see so much potential in them and can daydream for hours about renovating and decorating them (see dream house). For the most part, the images in this series scream to me. They entice me. Some even haunt me a bit. After all, can you imagine the kinds of creatures (human and non) one might find in some of these structures? Take this home for example. Can you see a shadow watching you from that middle up-stairs window?
I get to wondering about the people who lived there. About their lives, their dreams, their struggles. I wonder what happened to them. Did they move away during hard financial times? Did the last of their line live out their lives 0n that farm and there is no one left to carry on? The story possibilities are endless...


Blogger Shannon said...

I love these!! They make you feel kind of sad but in a good way. You always find the coolest stuff.

6:51 PM


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