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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Happy Place

Right now I am supposed to be creating a presentation of investment opportunities at the university. But I’m not. Instead I am daydreaming about owning a ranch in a far off place, or maybe just 30-minutes out of the city. I’m daydreaming about fresh air and falling leaves and baking pumpkin bread. About country-girl skirts and pony tails. I’m dreaming about falling asleep at night with the window open to a flood of fresh air and to the sound of nothing more than crickets and coyotes.

This is my happy place. The place I retreat to in my head when “real life” is just a little too intense, as it is now. I have upteen projects on my desk that need my immediate attention. I have three chapters of social pysch to read and a mid-term in anthropology to complete. I have workouts to do and hikes to coordinate. The final book in the Jane Madison series to read. Halloween projects to make and pumpkin treats to bake.

Actually, the only thing that’s really intense is the work stuff. And the homework. Everything else is fluff. But I want to get past the intense and to the fluff.

And I really want In N Out burger. Damn you, Kate!!!


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