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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tagged by Nikki

Nikki tagged me. So here goes...

I am - Who I am. Accept it or don't.
I think - Therefore I drive myself crazy sometimes.

I know - That love is the only thing that truly matters.
I miss - My family. Very, very much.
I fear - Clowns, drowning and never finding true love.
I feel - Completely overwhelmed.
I hear - That Kenny Chesney has a new CD out. Yay!
I smell - Strawberries.
I want - To be a wife and a mother.

I crave - Simplicity
I cry - When I think about how much my parents have given me.
I search - For stuff I want on e-Bay.
I wonder - Why everyone else always gets what I want.

I regret - Very little...why regret what you cannot change?
I wish - On stars.

I love - My parents, my friends, BOOKS.
I care - because I don't know how not to. -I agree with this Nikki. Very well-written.
I always - Read before bed.
I have - Been so very blessed.

I worry - That life is going to pass my by and that I won't make a bit of difference in the world.
I am not - skinny!- ME EITHER, NIK!
I remember - Childhood, first kisses, laughing with those I love.
I believe - in love.
I sing - really badly but still do it all the time.
I argue - Sometimes just to anger my father. It's fun.
I write - to make sense of everything I feel.
I lose - my battle with chocolate everyday.
I listen - Because I would want to be listened to.
I don't always - Stop to smell the roses.
I don't understand - A lot!
I can usually be found - Reading, in the desert or doing homework.
I need - More faith in myself.
I forget - To tell those close to me that I love them.
I am happy - when I am with family. AND FRIENDS.
I tag - Jamie


Blogger Nikki said...

You ROCK! I love ya! I am coming down on November 1-5th. We gotta get together again. Let me know what your schedule is. Maybe I can run and meet you for lunch one of the days. (I'll leave the kids w/ grandma and we might actually get to have a grown up conversation!!!)

8:15 PM


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