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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cabbage Patch Kids

Can you read that logo? It's announcing the 25th anniversary of the Cabbage Patch Kid doll. Holy crow, I'm old. I was seven years old when I received my first CPK. Those darned dolls were impossible to find. I longed and wished and hoped for one. Then one day, my father came home with his hands behind his back and told me to pick one. That day I received my very first CPK named Hilda. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like me. Hilda and I because inseparable- we went EVERYWHERE together. I remember how happy I was and how much I worshipped my daddy for getting me one of the coveted dolls.

Over the years, I added more CPKs: a newborn named Archibald; Greta, a red-haired doll with stylable (is that a word?) hair; an Olympic edition. But Hilda has always remained my favorite.

When I saw this website, I called my mom and told her about them. And admitted that I kind of wanted one for Christmas. Because what personifies the magic of Christmas but a CPK? And their delicious smell?


Blogger Nikki said...

I hear ya! CPK are the best. I have fond memories of mine too. WOW, they are 25 years old!? Man, if that doesn't make you feel old fast, I don't know what will. Does that mean we are too old for leather??

8:50 PM


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