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Friday, November 21, 2008

Vampire Academy Series

In January of 2006, I bought and devoured a book called Twilight. You might have heard of it. I was sucked into the world created by Stephenie Meyer and waited anxiously for each sequel. I was a bit disappointed in each sequel that was released but read it because it was a continuation of Twilight.

Then, the Twilight phenomenon began. I was inundated by Edward and Bella and Forks and on and on. I grew tired of it all. To tell the truth, I still am. Sure, bought the box set. Sure, I'm seeing the movie this weekend. But I just can't get into it like I used to.

Which leads me to my main topic for the day. After my break-up with Twilight, I needed a new world to immerse myself in. I should say here that, while I am a bibliophile, I am not a literary snob. I'll read pretty much anything that piques my interest. Last Christmas, desperate for something to read and the selection at the grocery store in my parents small, 700+ population town being slim, I ended up with Vampire Academy. This book sucked me in. It had more darkness and edge, which I love, than did Twilight. Rose isn't nearly as whiny as Bella. She kind of reminds of myself with her sassy attitude and lust for violence (I would have been a much better vampire slayer than Buffy).

There are now three books in the series: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, and Shadow Kiss, which was released last Tuesday. And which I have stayed up late the last two nights to finish. At 11:00PM last night I read the last of the book, my sickening intuition confirmed, and realized there will be more books. At least two, according to the author's website.

If you are looking for some mindless entertainment that has some umpf to it. check out the series.


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