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Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Texts

Have you ever wondered what text messages between best friends read like during the Superbowl? Wonder no more.

LM to ED: Um...doesn't our boy Ben look good?
ED to LM: Just like a big ole teddy bear.
LM to ED: That's what I'm taking about.


ED to LM: I may have to root for the Cards 'cause Kurt Warner was born 6.22.71.
LM to ED: I know someone else who was born that day but she would never choose Kurt over Ben.

After the amazing victory...

LM to ED: I bet Ben's getting some tonight.

Yes, these things were really said, er, typed, between my best friend and I. Of course, we also commented on the game but where's the fun in recounting those words?


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