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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Angel Wings

While waiting in line last night at the concession stand at the Roadrunners game, I saw the absolute cutest shirt on a woman. It was white, lite sweater-like material with a hood and slight bell sleeves. And it had beaded angel wings on the bag. Very cute, very bling, very boutique-ish. I fell in love with that shirt but didn't have the presence of mind to ask the woman where she'd bought it. (I was at a hockey game and itching to get back to my seat in case I missed a good brawl.) 

I've tried looking online but can't find the shirt anywhere. If anyone in blog land knows where I can find a similar shirt, you'll be my new BFF. (If the old one will relinquish her title. But, not likely. It's been 15 years and all. Girls get attached, ya know.) 


Blogger The Gore Point said...

Is this it?


1:59 PM

Blogger Lindsy said...

I adore you!!! :)

8:15 AM


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