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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sephora = Sin

I'm not much a of make-up girl. I like what I like and I can go forever without trying a new product. However, this weekend I splurged on a couple new items and LOVE them. My favorite smarty pants, Michelle, forced me into Sephora on a recent mall trip. (This was the same mall trip in which I developed a deep and abiding infatuation with a hot, tattooed, pierced, baseball wearing Genius at the Apple store who was able to fix my Mac and revert me to semi-sanity.) Kicking and screaming, I was drug into Sephora and coerced into picking out items. Items such as:

EyeShadown Primer Potion by Urban Decay. This stuff seriously rocks. My eyeshadow looks as perfect at five as it did at seven. (Well, it does as long as I don't laugh and cry in the same conversation as I did with my good friend, Jamie, on Monday.) The icing on the cake, er, face? The bottles look like Genie bottles. (Have you ever noticed how close Genie is to Genius? Just saying.)

Kat Von D Lightning Sheer Lipgloss in Stormy. Holy cow, does this stuff rock. And it tastes good. You know, for when you lick your lips while the hot Genius is working on your lap...um, latTOP.

So, um, check out Sephora. But please, leave the hot Genius for me. ;)


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