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Friday, October 14, 2005

{it's friday??}

What the heck happened to this week? Insanity! It just began and now it's over. Whew!

Good week. Busy week. Bought the new Canon Digital Elph I've been wanting. Got a raise. Going to the AZ Science Center and the movies tomorrow. Teaching Gospel Doctrine on Sunday.

Weekend shopping list:
- Black belt
- Warm Sugar Vanilla Wallflower refill
- Amber Romance lotion and spray from Victoria's Secret
- Halloween 'jama bottoms from Old Navy
- Foundation from Clinique (and it's a gift week, bonus!)

I'm sad and happy all at once. It's been a rough week dealing with the changes that are coming, but I've decided to take each day as it comes and let the future work itself out. I know it will. I had a long talk with Erin Tuesday night (sometimes you just need that hour-long, best friend vent session) and she reminded me that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. I just need to have faith that either this will work out or someday I will know why "the face of all evil" crossed my path.


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