{the story of a girl}

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

{i'm the devil}

Another tickle test...right on the money!

You are hotter than Hades, sinfully sexy and beautifully bad because your monster match is the devil. Controversy seems to follow wherever you go since your impish ways are full of mischief. With mottos like, "Flirt first and ask questions later," and "If you believe in the hereafter, then you must know what I'm here after," you make Temptation Island look like a monastery.

You're either looking for another fresh angle to play or another fallen angel to play with. But you are fiendishly fun to be around, as irresistible as original sin. People feel less inhibited around you as you raise hell around them. But watch out devils, your forked tongue could get you into trouble. The love triangles you create could circle around and burn your pointy tail. But that's just the nature of your game.


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