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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I can look back and remember all that has made me me. I'll never forget. I can't. I want to remember everything. High school. Joey. Our first kiss. Losing myself in his eyes. Lying to parents about where I was. Feeling my stomach drop when I would catch my first glimpse of him. It makes me laugh now. Such a mismatched couple. Homecoming. Prom. Tad. The feeling of being so completely adored. The freedom the Honda granted. Parties when mom and dad were out of town. I find myself missing those days lately.

I can close my eyes and relive those days. The taste of tequila and Joey's kisses. The smell of orange blossoms. The feel of the tears running down my face that early August night. The smell of Joey's apartment. The feel of Tad's arms around me. The cute smirk on his face. The sound of Levi's voice in the early morning hours. With each thought my heart both breaks and heals.

And I pray I never forget a single moment...


Blogger {c} said...

Saw your blog link on two peas and wanted to say hi..Love it:)

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