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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

{out of the past}

It seems as if my life lately is full of people from my past...or just THE past. Today, while running an errand at Fiesta Mall, I ran into C-Lo from "that one place". It was great to see and talk to her. Of course we exchanged cards and I hope to see her again soon. Then, as I'm leaving, I see my old crush, KS, roll up in his sweet little Mustang GT. My heart skipped a bit. Still cute. Still adorable. Still sooo not my type. Moving on.

Erin says that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. We may never know the reason...perhaps it has everything to do with the other person and nothing to do with us. But there is a rhyme and reason to everything.

I've been thinking about LA an awful lot lately. It seems as if each time I pull that box out of my mental closet I can understand it at little better, let more of it go. Though I know I will always think of him, I also know that I have let him go. And with that, I've let go of so much that's been weighing me down. When I read The Empty Seat now, I know who far I've come. When I drive through the desert now, it's not him I dream of and wish were sitting next to me.

I am determined to just live life. I am who I am. People can accept it or not, it's their choice. I am a work in progress. A book with a new page written everyday. I've let go of so much over the past seven months. Their is still a bit left to go and I'm sure that, in time, I can let go of it, too.

Thought of the day: Good girls keep journals, bad girls are too busy.


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