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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

{little bits}

1. My best friend's father passed away last weekend. He was a wonderful man and will be missed dearly.

2. My heart has had a couple of little 'hiccups' lately. Why is it that the second you start to like a guy, the switch flips and he backs off? Even if he was the one who liked you first? Even if, at the beginning, you weren't interested in him? Let me tell you, if I could figure this one out, I'd be famous.

3. Life is a little out of control lately. I desperately need to take a day or two to get things in hand. I need to clean (really clean), do laundry and ironing, take my clothes to the cleaners, have my favorite sandals repaired, clean out my fridge, and wash my car. I need to make a meal plan and start exercising again. I need to re-enroll in school, change my major and finish my grant paperwork. I need to start guitar lessons again. I need to watch my language and figure out why I'm making some very poor decisions.

4. Self-confidence. If anyone knows where I can buy a bottle, or five, of the stuff, please let me know.

5. I've finished season 1 of Veronica Mars and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of season 2 from Blockbuster. I so want to be a PI now.

6. On the bright side, I've lost four pounds in 6 days. Only, well, a lot more to go.


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