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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sundays hurt (and other odds and ends)

  • I think Sundays are my "ouch" days. It seems as if everything that's bruised my heart and spirit lately has happened on Sunday. Maybe I should just hibernate on the day of rest and spare my heart the bumps.

  • The Roxy tote and make-up bag (see post below) arrived in the mail and I'm sad to say I will be returning them both. Not what I'd expected but that happens with Internet shopping, right?

  • I think, somewhere in the last 31 years, I mixed my wishing star up with someonelse's because everyone always seems to get what I so desperately wish for.

  • On a high note, the sequel to Girl's Guide to Witchcraft and Sorcery and the Single Girl is going to be released Oct. 1 and is entitled Magic and the Modern Girl. Snagged the pic from the author's website.

  • One more thing, I saw Batman Begins for the first time this weekend and I've decided Christian Bale will be my new CC (celebrity crush). He was adorable in Little Women and magically delicious in The Prestige, but Batman takes that man to an entirely new level. ;)


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