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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let it snow...

* I got an A+ on my social psychology final. Which means I earned an A in the class. Yay.

* I ABSOLUTELY HATE when a series of books is published in one binding or the other (hardback or softback) and then switches mid-way through the series! I am a collector of book and it really does not fit my agenda to have a series of softback books until volume 5 when the published decided the series was gaining in popularity and figured they could get away with a hardback binding and charge more. DOOOOM to the publishing industry on this point.

* Am I the only one who thinks that Christmas has totally jumped the shark? Whatever happened to simplicity and thrift and good old-fashioned Christmas memories?

* If you are weak-stomached, stop reading now. Over Thanksgiving, I was hunting Christmas trees with family and was bored in the back of the Jeep. To alleviate said boredom, I re-pierced the second hold in my left ear. It hurt a bit. Now, when I squeeze the hole between my fingers, I can hear the tissue smooshing. It's very cool. Gross, but cool.

Now, to make me happy, I've pilfered pictures from other blogs/websites/etc. of houses I wouldn't mind spending Christmas (and the rest of the year) in. Enjoy.


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