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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Bella Bedding

What I'm about to confess is one of my deepest, darkest secrets. I bought a bedding set after seeing it in Twilight.

I feel better after that confession. But, there is more to the story than just my buying the bed set.

See, after I saw Twilight for the first time (and decided it destroyed the book and was a useless piece of cinematic trash), I decided I had to have the bed set Bella had in the movie. Not because it was in the movie. Not even because it was Bella's. I had to have it because I liked it. A lot.

I spent a couple of hours that evening surfing the Internet trying to find this set. And I did. At Target. But they didn't have a queen at my local store. Nor at any of the other stores around. I called my mother, told her what I was looking for and sent her a picture. She promised to check out the one and only Target within a 200-mile radius of her house. And reported back that the store didn't have it but the sales associate said they'd be getting a shipment in soon.

Fine. I could wait.

And wait.

And wait.

The shipment never came. I was sad. I think tears might have been shed.

Fast forward to Christmas morning and Santa had left the bed set under the Christmas tree.


Fast forward another couple of weeks to me browsing through Target and finding the bed set on clearance. I bought it with the thought that I would post it on e-Bay and see if I could make a profit.

Well, I did post it. And I did make a profit. A big one.

Once I realized how much people were willing to pay for this bedding, I spent an entire Saturday driving to every Target I could think of (within a reasonable distance) and buying every set they had. I came home that day with a Beetle running over with bed sets from the Twilight movie. And proceeded to sale them on e-Bay for way more than I paid for them.

One by one, my bed sets sold until they were all gone. And I had a pretty little down payment sitting in my bank account.

Then, one day I realized that I had one more set left. Mine. On my bed. Did I really want it or the money? Well, the money won out and I sold it.

And kicked myself in the butt every day for doing so. Cause, deep down, I really liked that bed set despite Bella having it, too.

Two weeks ago, I was in Target, wandering around (yes, Target and I are on intimate terms). I always check the bedding aisle just to see if something similar to "the bed set that got away" has been released. That day, the heavens were shining upon me. There, on the shelf in completely different packaging, was my bedding. Not Bella's, mine.

I grabbed that thing off the shelf and resisted the temptation to dance around Target like a hillybilly kid who'd just discovered his daddy's meth lab. I hugged it to my chest and placed a call to my mother during which I whispered lest anyone in the store overhear that I'd scored THE bed set of the decade and try to wrest it out of my grasp like a sorority girl at a Jimmy Choo sample sale. I'm certain someone had returned the set or it had been sitting in the back room. After all, the set has been MIA from Target shelves for months.

The moral of the story is that this bed set and I were just meant to be. And I am trying really hard not to think that I could easily sell this thing on e-Bay for about $500 right now.


Blogger Nikki, Cristy, and Codi said...

Holy cow!! Way to go. I love that you went to all the Target stores and re-sold the bedding! Way to go. Suckers!!!! Hope you made out big. Sounds like you did!!

12:16 PM


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