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Monday, August 24, 2009

Cashing In

  • I sold the Bella bed set on e-Bay and bought the Anthropolgie comforter.
  • I stayed up late last night to finish season three of Roswell. I was sad to see it end...I was really liking the change in Max in the last couple of episodes.
  • Packing was put on major hold this weekend as I tried to work my way through a nasty head cold and those ugly things called cramps. Now I'm freaking out at how much I still have to do.
  • I sat in the soon-to-be-mine new house, in the bedroom, with a boy for two hours yesterday afternoon.
  • I've still not decided on paint, ordered appliances or window coverings or purchased my cashier's check for closing tomorrow.
  • And I still have to buy ceiling fans and kitchen faucet.

A little help, please!!!


Blogger Nikki, Cristy, and Codi said...

First...breathe. Packing-smacking! You can always just throw stuff in boxes the morning of. (That's usually how I end up moving our kitchen.) Then you can organize and DI after you move in! On to more important things...I'd like to know more about this 2 hour bedroom thing. And congrats on the bedding! Now you can get all the stuff left on your list and not worry about the expense!!!

8:06 PM


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