{the story of a girl}

Monday, September 21, 2009

status updates


desperately wishes she could sleep through the night.

wishes she would stop dreaming, and day dreaming, about a certain someone.

needs to lose 15 pounds STAT so she can fit into her clothes.

cannot understand why she is so incredibly short-tempered as of late.

loves that she has a room she can scrapbook/card make in.

went through two bins of stored clothing in her garage last night and wonders what she was thinking when she bought some of those pieces.

is longing for fall to arrive. Or at least October. Because Phoenix doesn't have "fall."

needs to pick up a new hobby.

wishes plans weren't so up in the air for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

is a bit wistful that she isn't on the cruise the majority of her friends are on right now. But a house is a good consolation prize.

needs to get up earlier for work. Being late is not a good thing.

is getting sick from everything she eats lately.

wishes her shoulder would heal and stop giving her grief.

needs to go buy a cable converter box for her non-digital TV so she has something to watch.

is a bit angry with her parents at the moment.


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