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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

life's a beach

About four years ago, I went through a "beach phase." Well, I'm always in some variation of beach-mode, but in the spring of 06, I was all about the beach. That spring I bought my Beetle, dreamt about spending the summer at Bella Beach, and came close to purchasing this quilt three or four times.

Today, I noticed that the quilt was $40 off at Pottery Barn Kids. So I bought it. No, it doesn't match my bedroom AT ALL, but sometimes you just need a little something to brighten the day, and this quilt definitely does that!

I was also lucky enough to score a replacement Billabong patchwork purse on e-Bay this weekend for only $20. I have worn mine out and was sad that Billabong no longer sold it. But, persistence does indeed pay off. Now, if I could just find a replacement wallet....


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