{the story of a girl}

Thursday, August 04, 2005

{little things that make me happy}

the smell of rain ▪ snuggling up under my new denim duvet cover ▪ talking to a good friend on the phone for hours on end ▪ good mail days ▪ fat-free brownies ▪ adding another item to my "wish list " on Amazon ▪ winning an e-bay auction ▪ getting to church on time ▪ movie previews at the theatres ▪ talking to my mom & dad on the phone ▪ a handwritten card, note or letter ▪ the color of the desert just before a monsoon ▪ burning a new CD ▪ sleeping in on Saturday mornings ▪ a good made-for-tv movie ▪ a brand new box of crayons ▪ kisses and hugs from little kids (of their own will) ▪ a clean car ▪ Wendy's frosties ▪ looking through my scrapbooks


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