{the story of a girl}

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

{my alphabet}

a is for ashley stockingdale novels
b is for blogging
c is for costa vida (yum)
d is for denim anything
e is for eradicating evil
f is for fall
g is for gingeroot candles
h is for "oh hell no" (my favorite expression lately)
i is for Intergalactic Princess (aka: me)
j is for journals (as in 'altered')
k is for karamel apples (yeah, I know, but it's MY alphabet)
l is for lifehouse
m is for mtv's "fear"
n is for no fear
o is for Oakley
p is for portland, oregon
q is for quads
r is for rent, the movie
s is for starbucks strawberries n' creme frappucino's
t is for tiffany jewelry
u is for unabashed love for purchasing scrapbook supplies
v is for vampire state building nailpolish by OPI
w is for wakeboarding
x is for (hum, i'll have to think about this one)
y is for yamaha
z is for zealously surfing the internet


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