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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

{manic monday}

That was yesterday. After a crabby day at work, I decided to make myself feel better. Bought a new novel, drove by the temple, got Panda Express for dinner. My fortune read: Good news will come to you by mail. Got home and I had a letter from my friend who left for the MTC three weeks ago! I was ticked pink.

Went to a friends for Prison Break and 24 (I adore Wentworth Miller). Had fun. THEN, in true Lindsy fashion, I was walking up the sidewalk to my front door and the same sidewalk that I've been walking up and down umpteen times a day and I decided to have a smackdown. I fell, hit my head, scraped my elbow, jacked up my wrist, skinned my knee (which is now as big as balloon and black and blue). Ha-ha. I sat there for a minute and just laughed. What else could I do?


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