{the story of a girl}

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

gods in Alabama.

I picked this book off the shelf last weekend because I liked the cover; it reminded me of home. Of course, I've been engrossed in it for the past couple of days; reading long into the night, on the stationary bike at the gym, and on-line for a taco at Taco Time. I think we all take something different away from every book we read. Our opinions and thoughts on each piece of literature are formed through of our own particular frame-of-reference. And, for me, I closed this book realizing that, sometimes, we write a story in our head of the way a certain event transpired and we blind ourselves to the reality of the situation. And, sometimes, our perception of the event can wound us for years until finally, one day, the truth is told. And our hearts are freed.


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