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Monday, January 05, 2009


I have spent the last 4 1/2 days running around with my crazy crew of friends and being very unproductive. Which, as it turns out, is exactly my idea of perfection.

We spent NYE completely wound up (after I snoozed for about 20 minutes on Brandon and Alisha's couch despite being threatened by everyone who walked through the room), BBQ, sitting around a camp fire, doing dry ice bombs, setting off fireworks and making a scene in Denny's. I'm not a big NYE fan, but this was one was fairly low-key and right up my ally.

I spent the rest of my long weekend shopping, going to dinner, hiking in Usery park, around camp fires, at the movies, etc. I also realized that I am most certainly not the apple of a particular some one's eye based on his behavior this weekend. And that maybe, just maybe, another certain someone is coming around to my way of thinking (and feeling). There was a bit of disappointment this weekend but the new year looks to have some adventure in store.

And, because I can't resist, a few pictures of the adorable Hunter:


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