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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Case of the Mysterious Valentine

As much as I love Nancy Drew books, Veronica Mars and good mystery novels, I'm not so much a fan when the mystery happens in my own life. On Saturday, Valentine's Day, I was sitting on the couch (watching Veronica Mars, ironically enough), when the doorbell rang. I do not answer my door. Ever. Unless, of course, I'm expecting a visitor. I figure if it's someone I know, they'll call me from their cell phone and tell me they are at my front door when I don't answer.

About five minutes later, I open the door, thinking that perhaps I had received a package from FedEx or UPS and the delivery person had left a note on my door saying the package was at the apartment office. Instead, I find a brown paper bag with some pink tissue paper poking out of it. Inside is a single red rose with greenery and baby's breath inside a vase, a big bag of peanut M&Ms and a card with a cursive "L" on the front.

Once inside, I open the card. It's a simple handmade card and the typed note inside says "To a sweet Valentine's Day...whomever you choose to spend it with." And it wasn't signed.

Needless to say I've called everyone I can possibly think of who could have left me this anonymous Valentine, to no avail. I've engaged all my super hero, super slueth powers and still nothing. Well, okay, not nothing, but I really don't think it was from the person I want it to be from. UG! Some things are just so darn complicated! Of course, my mother is getting a kick out of this because, after all these years of playing pranks and doing funny little things for my friends, someone finally got me back.

If anyone has any information leading the resolution of this mystery, there just might be an award in it for you.


Blogger Nikki said...

It was me! Just kidding... I want to know when you find out who it was!

11:09 AM


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