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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Small Things

Sometimes, it's the small things that really make life worthwhile. Last night I was talking to a good friend (Hi Jamie!) and we were discussing the new house and how I, being the dork I am, went and used a recently received Target gift card to buy new dish clothes and towels that I will pack away to be used for the first time in the new house. We then both discovered we had kept boxes of brand-new flatware unopened just waiting for the perfect occasion to unveil it. (I have a second box of my current flatware tucked away in my kitchen cupboard that will also be unveiled in the house.) Pretty clothes and stylish shoes are nice, but give me home decor any day and I'm a happy girl. I'm a nester, what can I say?


Blogger Jamie said...

Love the towels-very PRACTICAL purchase!

9:41 AM

Blogger Nikki said...

Good choice on the purchase. I love new decorations! See if there's a place called Real Deals in AZ. They do discounted home decor. Also IKEA, which I know you know about. Do you guys have a Tai Pan?? If not, I know there's one in St. George, so save up and hit it next time you are there. PS...you better be saving up for the stipper pole installation!!

10:31 AM


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