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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

well, would you look at that?

I received the current Pottery Barn catalog in the mail last night, along with a 10% off my entire purchase coupon (oh my!). The exciting part? I found items I have been lusting after at Anthropologie in PB's catalog. For a fraction of the cost. Such as:

The globe on the left (black) is from PB for $29. The globe on the right is from Anthro going for $298. Granted I like the stand on the Anthro globe better, but not $269 better. Plus, the PB globe is actually labeled.

Another example: the Calhoun pendant from PB (left) is $149 while the Mariner's Globe pendant from Anthro is $398. And yes, PB carries the filament bulb ($9) to complete the vintage look.

Other tasty tidbits from PB:

Metal Letter Bin...just think of the possibilities!

Found Dough Bowl...a little expensive and not quite as rustic as I'd like, but if I can't find one I want this weekend in Phoenix, I just might settle for one of these.

But, hey, even though some items might be cheaper at PB, you still need to check out Anthro's website to see all their cool decorating ideas. Man, that Rebecca Purcell is a genius!


Blogger Nikki, Cristy, and Codi said...

Nice....I love it all! Except for those lights - seem a little steep, but for the overall look, I'd go for it! I think all of it super cute. I can't wait to see your place. I am glad that you have found another way to displace your anger - like finding a good bargain!! Love ya!

2:28 PM


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