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Monday, February 22, 2010


I love the rain. There is just something so romantic about it. I love the dark, melancholy atmosphere that accompany rainy days; love the fact that water is falling from the sky and washing away the impurities of the earth and making everything sparkle. Yes, I could wax poetic about my love of rain for quite some time. This deep love affair is one reason the iSchool at University of Washington is my first choice for grad school. Although, I must confess, the thought of going weeks without sunlight frightens me a bit.

Rainy days also make me remember the sadder things in my life. For example, Saturday night I had a dream about the boy I recently "broke up" with. (No, we weren't ever truly dating but it was a deep friendship, spanning years, that ended and so I use the term 'broke up'.) I awoke yesterday morning with an incredibly heavy heart and missing that man so much I thought I would shatter. I sent my best friend a pleading text to remind me that everything was going to be okay. She confirmed that it would be and added that she was just thinking about that guy and how much she would like to hurt him. Now, I'm not one to encourage physical violence but it touched me that someone (my BF in this case) cared about me so deeply that she would want to hurt someone who had hurt me. Twisted, I know. But heartwarming in its own macabre way.

I had thought my sadness would pass with the rain, but it's raining again today. And I'm fine with that. I know this is just a momentary sadness and that I will be just fine. Sometimes we just need to wallow a bit and let the moments come. If we don't feel the rain, we'll never truly appreciate the sun.


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