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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have had an epiphany and am starting to realize how great it is to be single. For example:

* I can go anywhere, anytime with anyone
* I can buy my little Audit TT Roadster and not worry about fitting another person and all their crap in it
* 25 minute showers are a reality
* I can devote an entire room/space to art crap and not get reemed for it
* The extra shelf in the fridge can store my nailpolish
* If I have nothing in the fridge but water, yogurt and apples no one is going to complain
* I can sleep with the windows open, the air-conditioner on and tons of blankets
* If I want to watch a TV show muted and simply read the captioning, it's okay
* The toilet seat is always down
* No shaving cream banks on the bathroom sink
* The wet towels ALWAYS get hung up


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