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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

{beach books}

My new issue of Costal Living came yesterday and set me on quest for "beach books." Here are the favorites I have found so far:

Vent of the day: My crappy Dell Pocket DJ broke yesterday. This is the second one Dell has sent because the DJ has had the same powering off issues. I think it's time for an iPod.

I suppose it's a fact of life that those around us will disappoint us from time to time. People can't always live up to our standards or expectations, no matter how "reachable" those 'bars' may be. Letting go of the disappointment is hard; just as it's hard to forgive the person who has let us down. I know that not letting go of the hurt and negative feelings is much more damaging to me than anyone else, but my father is right- I wear my heart on my sleeve. I internalize things much more than I should.

What I really need now is a beach and book...good thing Mexico is only three days away.


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