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Thursday, June 15, 2006

{trying to love you}

Anyone who knows me understands how fitting this song is for me right now.

I blew out all my plans.
The world fell in my hands,
The day that I began,
Tryin' to love you.
The secrets I have kept;
The nights I haven't slept.
I've laughed until I've wept,
Tryin' to love you.
Tryin' to love you... No one's come as close or gone so far,
Tryin' to love you... I've lost and found myself in who you are.
Tryin' to love you... So easy and so hard tryin' to love you.
I've watched myself get stuck,
I squandered all my luck.
I've almost given up,
Tryin' to love you.
Tryin' to love you... Broke my heart; it's chipped away my pride.
Tryin' to love you... Every time, I'd see that fault line slide.
Tryin' to love you.... I've crossed the great divide tryin' to love you.
Tryin' to love you... I've screamed your name, I've slammed a thousand doors.
Tryin' to love you... An' I've worn a million miles across the floor.
Tryin' to love you... Still I could not ignore tryin' to love you.
It's pulled the best from me,
For all the world to see.
I guess I'll always be,
Tryin' to love you.


Blogger hyde said...

beautiful one

12:21 PM

Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

i cannot even tell you how timely it was that i stumbled upon this in your blog. there are tears rolling down my cheeks.

5:10 PM


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