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Friday, April 27, 2007

this girl dreams.

* My mind's a million miles away right now. It's dreaming of dropping the top on the Beetle and driving up to Payson. It's decorating the little ranch house I will someday own. It's remembering what it was like to graduate high school (many years ago). Basically, it's doing everything but what it should be (which is creating an FY 08 annual plan).

* I had an odd dream last night. But, before I get to last night's dream, I have to backtrack. Tuesday and Wednesday, I had nightmares. Not there's-a-monster-in-my-closet nightmares, but nightmares that revolve around my fears and the evolution of those fears into reality. Needless to say, last night I was a bit hesitant to close my eyes. But, I had a rather sweet dream. I dreamt I was pregnant and getting married (backwards, I know) to a very sweet, good guy. Because I was pregnant, we decided on a quick destination wedding and went to Cancun. It was beautiful- not a soul around but us and our families. It had all the dream-like qualities that make it stunning. I woke up this morning feeling very calm and content. A definite change from the past two mornings.

* These cute little things are waiting for me at home:


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