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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hunter D

This isn't the best picture of me, but that little guy I've got snuggled in my arms is the cutest thing ever. Still can't be around him without cuddling him...neither can anyone else in the family. This munchkin is never going to want for hugs and kisses and people to cuddle with. He's starting to smile and hold his head up and laugh. And he loves tongues! I can entertain him for hours just by making silly faces and sticking out my tongue. It's fantastic.

Hunter also has his own playlist on my iTunes: Hunter's Tunes. Since I've never really been around kids, I'm slowly building Hunter's list. The piece-de-resistance of the list thus far? The Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan. After all, it may be Hunter's playlist but it's still MY iTunes. :)


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