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Monday, June 30, 2008

Track of my tears

Yesterday I had my heart broken. Not just bruised or fractured; broken. And I'm certain this isn't the end of the pain; it's just the beginning of a wave that will ripple for quite a while. As soon as I heard the news that broke my heart, I called my best friend. Somehow she was able to understand a bit of my rambling through my hysterical sobbing and ordered me to her house. When I arrived, she had ordered Chinese food and her sweet husband had run to the store to buy me flowers. Such a thoughtful gesture.

I proceeded to pig out on sweet & sour chicken and mint chocolate chip ice cream (yes, I had a belly ache). Then I curled up on the couch with my best friend and let loose all the hurt and pain and tears. Four years of hope and tears and prayers have finally begun to come to an end. And it hurts more than I could have ever fathomed. I'm not one to fall easily and when I do, I do it big time. The bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards. And the bigger and grander the pain and heartache when it doesn't work out.


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