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Monday, August 18, 2008


First, let me say tomorrow will be a fun day on the ole' blog as I share with you photos of the complete and utter embarrassment bestowed upon me this past week by my "friends"- and I use that term loosely.

Until then, let me share with you another exciting tidbit of news. A municipal golf course and park are being torn down at Dobson and Rio Saldo (8th) in Mesa to make room for the Waveyard. Now, I didn't know about this beautiful gift of aquatic goodness until yesterday. Believe me, this is one construction zone I am happy to combat everyday simply because the end result will be freaking AMAZING (and on my way home from work each day).

What exactly, you ask, is a
WAVEYARD? Well, check out the link and see for yourself, but for a quick over, it's:
* A totally bad A water park with a wave pool, wakeboarding tow line, white water river for rafting and kayaking, a tank/area for snorkeling and scuba diving
* Residences (which I really want to own...well, at least ONE)
* Resort
* Shopping
* Dining

Did I mention the park will house a wave pool for surfing and a wakeboarding tow line? Yep, I'm excited.


Blogger Nikki said...

Sounds fun! We'll have to go with you and take the kiddies next time we are down!

8:27 PM


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