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Monday, May 11, 2009

Better 1 or better 2?

Picking out the design elements of the new house was one of the singular most stressful things I have done to date. And that's saying something. It was fun but, good hell, how many choices can you give a girl? I'm feeling pretty good about most of my choices (or the modifications I've made to those choices in the last 48 hours) but I'm still on the fence about my carpet, white vs. black appliances and my light fixtures. So, help me decide.

This one

or this one?

What would look best with my tile, carpet and cabinets? White or black appliances?

These are the door knobs I choose...antique bronze. Love them.

These are my cabinets (throughout the entire house). I also went with the raised vanity and open counter.


Blogger Nikki said...

I think you should do light fixture #1 and do the black appliances. I think they will look the best in the long run. White shows EVERYTHING!! I love the vanity. Looks fantastic. I think you'll really like the raised countertop. That's what I'd go for too.

4:38 PM

Blogger Jamie said...

I like #1 and #2, depends on if you want brighter or warmer lighting. I have several lamps with darker shades (you know this already) and I love the mood lighting that it provides-not good to read by.
I like white appliances but you know this already too. Is pink an option??????

3:02 PM


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