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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

But I don't want a white kitchen...

I have my first appointment at the home design center this coming Saturday. This will be a day in which I commit to the color of my walls, cabinets, my carpet and all the other odds and ends for eternity. Okay, maybe not eternity, but at least until I sell the house. I am a basket case. It's too much pressure!! I like things simple. Easy. Uncomplicated. And I'm allergic to commitment. Not a good combination for dating and certainly not for picking out home details.

Another thing that scares me? I'm drawn to white kitchens. But I don't want a white kitchen. Too hard to keep pristine. And, again, too much pressure. So I am trying to decide what colors to go for. I'd love to do dark brown floors, taupe walls and a dark-ish cabinet that looks good with both. But what? And, will the dark colors make me house/condo/townhouse feel too small? What if I don't like them once they are all in? And why in the world do I have to pay extra for the cabinet above my fridge???

On a happier note, the de-junking process is moving along quite nicely. I have thrown out three lawn bags full of junk and have another two, along with three boxes, to go to Goodwill/DI/wherever. I'm amazed at the junk I've kept. This weekend I enjoyed a solid hour of listening to old mix cassette tapes I've kept for years, including those that were recorded off the radio. Those of you who even know what cassette tapes will know the ones I mean: you like a song, you tune your boom box to the station that plays it and record hours of music and commercials just to get that one song...and the DJ usually talks over the beginning anyway. Man, kids today don't know how good they have it. Don't even get my started about 8-tracks...


Blogger Nikki said...

I say get what you like right now. You can always re-decorate in a few years when you are tired of it. That's why they made cabinet paint!! I just did mine and I love them! You are way over-thinking all of this. Go with your gut!! Ps..you can always send me text pictures and I'll help ya pick stuff out!

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