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Monday, December 07, 2009

Two Weeks

I only have two weeks of work left in 2009. Nine and three-fourths, to be exact. Between "holiday time off" (furlough) and vacation, I will have two wonderful, fun-filled weeks free of work. Not, of course, that work is awful. I truly love my job, the place I work, and the people I work with. However, we all need R&R and this year has been a non-stop roller coaster ride for me. Looking forward to family time and alone time. Time to regroup and refocus for 2010. Cause I have BIG plans for next year.

And in the middle of all that regrouping and resting falls Christmas. This year, the holiday is going to be fairly low-key in LindsyLand. I've bought a new home which has put a restriction on my holiday spending but it's a good thing. My friends and I have decided that we are no longer buying presents for each other. Everyone has had a tough time financially this year, so we are getting creative. White elephant parties, trading "service", donating to those in need instead of each other. It's a tradition I hope we continue.

Would it be wrong to make a little paper chain and hang it in my officle counting down to Dec. 18???


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