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Friday, March 05, 2010

Couch to 5K

Starting Monday, Mar. 8, I am beginning the couch to 5K program. When I lost those 70 pounds (of which 30 have returned...boo), I loved to run. Granted, I couldn't run for long. The longest I could go was about five minutes before I would have to slow to a walk. Two things in my defense though: 1) I always ran almost all-out...I didn't do a slow jog because 2) I was doing interval training- walk for a minute, run--hard--for two minutes, repeat for 45 minutes. All things considered, if I had slowed my pace, I probably could have ran longer. Oh well. Bygones.

Now, however, there is this couch to 5K program that has lit a fire under me, along with a certain man telling me I "can't keep up" with him. Let me just prove you wrong on that, mister. Seriously. There is nothing like someone saying you can't do something to make you want to gut it out. Hard core.

Of course, I need some gear: a new pair of running shoes, compression shorts (because I have entirely too much "stuff" wiggling when I run), a cute outfit or two from Athleta, a new iPod and maybe even Nike +. Because I am in this. This time, it's all mine. And that 5K in May or June? I'm going to shred it.

And because I've always loved Nike's ads, here's a bit of inspiration: (well, it's up top because there is something wrong with my formatting abilities at the current moment).


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